AFLSP - Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program at Kyoto University

Due to the COVID-19 we have to change some schedule of the Enrichment Program in Academic Year 2021. Please refer to this page often. For detail, please check the general information and the Wiki site.

1. Orientation

  • Time: 10:30am-11:30am, April 6 (Tues), 2021
  • Place: Online (zoom)
  • Scholars: Who enrolled in April 2021 (mandatary) and others are welcome as well to meet new faces.

2. Monthly Seminar

  • Time: 10am-12pm, Saturday
  • Place: Online for the first semester. To-Be-Decided for the second semester.
  • Scholars: First-Year (mandatary) and Second-Year (optional but encouraged)
  • Detail: see Wiki for detail.
Date Speakers
April 24 Tang, Xiwen; Zhu, Yue
May 22 Zheng, Ziwei; Lin Yuan-Jui
June 26 Pang You-Yuan; Azwar Azmillah Sujaswara
July 24 Phatthanachaisuksiri Lalita
Oct 23 Tang, Xiwen; Zhu, Yue
Nov 20 Zheng, Ziwei; Lin Yuan-Jui
Dec 18 Pang You-Yuan; Azwar Azmillah Sujaswara
Jan 15 Phatthanachaisuksiri Lalita

3. BXAI Summer Program (provided by BXAI)

The normal summer program has been cancelled and it may be replaced by a series of virtual events.

4. Special Lectures and Selected Seminars

Please refer to the requirement of Program. In Year 2021, we arranged the next Special Lectures.

5. 2-credits Lecture

Please refer to the requirement of Program. It is possible to take one in the second semester or the next year.

6. Service Learning (SL)


7. Leadership Assessment & Coaching

  • Time: 2pm-4pm, Sat., July 10, 2021
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Scholars: All scholars who have never joined before (mandatary)
  • WWW page

8. Pre-QE & QE (Qualification Examination)


  • Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm, Wed., Aug 4th, 2021
  • Place: Online
  • Scholars (speakers, enrolled in Oct): Wan, Haochen; Hsieh, Yi-lian; Suh, Jaeyeon; Tang, Xiwen; Zhu, Yue; Zheng, Ziwei; Lin Yuan-Jui
  • Scholars (others): Join
  • WWW page

Winter (tentative)

  • Time: 1:30pm-6pm, Sat., Feb 5th, 2022
  • Place: Online
  • Scholars (speakers, enrolled in April): Zhao, Shiya; Gong, Zheng; Gao, Luming; Ku, Tinghsuan; Pang You-Yuan; Azwar Azmillah Sujaswara; Phatthanachaisuksiri Lalita
  • Scholars (others): Join

9 (Optional but strongly recommended) Experience-Based Learning (EBL)

  • Stopped by the pandemic.

10 (Optional but strongly recommended) Language, Casual gathering, etc.

  • (Virtual) Bonenkai?