Supported by AFLSP and FWI, this webinar aims to help young students understand how to pursue a career with the United Nations and international organizations, and what effective leadership means in the contemporary world, where the global enviroment changes rapidly and the complexity of knowledge work increases exponentially. For that purpose, we have invited young and active professionals to share their experiences and advices.


Supported by Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI), the Asia Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) provides a platform on which students and educational institutions in East Asia can cultivate lasting relationships based on mutual trust and understanding - essential tools for building bridges across cultures. See more on the website of AFLSP@KU.

About FWI

Future Wisdom Institute (FWI) is a research group in Kyoto University studying social/global problems in interdisciplinary approach related to informatics. We welcome future leaders to focus on this research direction. See more on the website of FWI.

Guest speakers

Mr. Hirohisa Kondo

Mr. Kondo is a program analyst with UNOPS. He used to work for Sojitz Corporation as a project manager. Mr. Kondo holds two MSc degrees in Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Development from UCL and in Management and Implementation of Development Projects from the University of Manchester, respectively.

Ms. Yuhan Li

Ms. Li is an HSBC Global Markets Analyst, where she works in various financial markets S&T roles. She used to work in the World Bank as a consultant on topics including financial stability, financial system reform, and green finance. She also interned in International Labour Organization in Bangkok, working on projects such as factory productivity improvement and youth entrepreneurship. Ms. Li holds an MA degree in International Economic Policy from the George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs.

Mr. Akira Kawasaki

Mr. Kawasaki is a Japanese junior expert on youth empowerment and skills development with experiences in child education, women empowerment and refugee supports at NGOs, SME capacity building in Japanese private sector, and entrepreneurship and SME development at the ILO Bangkok as a Junior Professional Officer, with expertise in Asia and Africa. He holds an MA degree in International Development Studies from the George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs.

Ms. XU Cong

Ms. Xu is a PhD candidate in GSAIS, Kyoto University, specializing in organizational behaviour and leadership. She received her M.Sc. in Management from the University of Bristol. She presented her research results at several international conferences, including the Annual Meeting of Academy of Management. Meanwhile, she works for the International Labour Organization in Bangkok as a consultant on entrepreneurship and soft-skills training course development, supporting the youth across Aisa to be an entrepreneur. She is also the co-founder of C-BED Impact Hub, where she collaborates with a national team to support young women to achieve business success in Bangladesh. Personal page of Ms. Xu


Ms. Akiko Tanimoto

Ms. Tanimoto is a PhD candidate in GSAIS, Kyoto University. She has a MPhil degree from Kyoto University in social organization (in particular, representatives in social phenomenen). She is now working for an internship with UNESCO.


The webinar will open at 13:45, July 10 (Sat), 2021 (Tokyo Time, UTC+9).

Working with UN and international organizations
Welcome remark14:00-14:05Prof. Liang Zhao (FWI)
Introduction14:05-14:10Ms. XU Cong (FWI, ILO)
Talks by guests14:10-14:20Mr. Hirohisa Kondo (UNOPS)
14:20-14:30Ms. Yuhan Li (HSBC)
14:30-14:40Mr. Akira Kawasaki (ILO)
14:40-14:50Ms. XU Cong (FWI, ILO)
Poll and break14:50-15:00
Session 115:00-15:20Questions from the facilitator
Session 215:20-15:55Questions from the participants
Closing remark15:55-16:00Ms. XU Cong (FWI, ILO)


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