AFLSP - Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program at Kyoto University

AIM: The AFLSP grants scholarships to high-calibre Asian students to study away from their home country or region at one of BXAI's Partner Universities. Under the administration of Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI), the AFLSP provides a platform on which students and educational institutions in East Asia can cultivate lasting relationships based on mutual trust and understanding essential tools for building bridges across cultures.

FEATURE: AFLSP@KU consists of a two-years, Japan highest-class scholarship (approx. 150,000 Yen/Month + Admission + Tuition + Program. The actual amount may vary depending on the exchange rate.) with a professional and fun program at the world-famous Kyoto University.



  1. Check if you are qualified: Read the Eligibility and Selection Criteria.
  2. Check the duty of a scholar: A scholar needs to join and complete the program.
  3. Check the application period: March 1 to March 15, 2021 (closes at 17:00 p.m. Japan time)
  4. Read the application guidelines: Japanese, English.
  5. Check the selection process: Read the Selection Process.
  6. Prepare the documents: See the Application documents.

Supports AFLSP@KU

We appreciate every support and help. Thank you!

  • Bai Xian Asia Institute provides financial support, summer program and connections.
  • Kyoto University provides education, resource, staff for the program and connections.
  • AFLSP@KU Committee designs, proposes and implements the program, as well as connections.
  • Scholars and alumni join and help the program toward future leaders -- You are the hope of tomorrow!